As a leader, I wholeheartedly embrace the idea of starting with why (h/t Simon Sinek). In my opinion, the leader must clarify the WHY, help the team to discover the appropriate WHAT, and then allow others to coordinate the HOW.

This page is to help specify each of those ideas. The WHY is because of the words of Jesus. Each of the 4 “Ls” represent one part of what every Christian is called to do at some level. In fact, each of these areas (and the hidden fifth L), make up the five “Greats” (which are shared below).

What: Adjunct Professor, Speaker
Who: Students, Groups, and Churches
Where/How: Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary/Spurgeon College, Speaking

Currently, Andy serves as an adjunct professor at MBTS/SC. As an institution of higher learning, his role there certainly fits the idea of learning. As a teacher, the goal of teaching is obviously to help others learn. The LEARN aspect could also encompasses certain speaking engagements (because they are an opportunity to teach).

What: Blogger, Speaker
Who: Christians
Where/How: fotonni.com

fotonni has been the primary ministry focus for most of the life of this ministry. While the blog is the primary aspect of fotonni at this point, other possibilities like speaking at retreats or conferences could be included. However, the primary plans at this point are to continue this blog in order to encourage others to live in, not of, this world.

What: Missionary
Who: The Church, International (primarily)
Where/How: Pastor Training Community (PTC)

While doing specific mission work could fall under LIVE, for 4L Ministries, we are labeling it under LOVE. One of the reasons PTC was founded was because of the challenge of Luke 12.48. God has enabled me to learn and thus has called me to teach. PTC is one way I can love my neighbor by teaching others around the world who might otherwise have very limited opportunities to learn.

What: Podcast, Pastor, Consultant
Who: the Church
Where/How: Christian Educator Weekly (CEW)

CEW is a podcast meant to help churches be better equipped to educate their people and understand the administrative aspects of the church. Of course, leading is a part of my role within each aspect of this overall ministry and certainly a fundamental part of my role as pastor of the church I serve. Additionally, any consulting we choose to do would fall under LEAD as well.

The Great Calling (LEARN): Matthew 4.19
The Great Confession (LIVE): Matthew 16.16
The Great Commandment (LOVE): Mark 12.30-31
The Great Commission (LEAD): Matthew 28.18-20
The Great Commendation (LEAVE*): Matthew 25.21

Jesus calls us to learn from Him. When we confess Him as Lord, it changes the way we live and requires us to focus on heeding His commandment to love. Our love for Jesus and others will lead us to fulfill His commission to make disciples. Then, when we leave this life behind, we long to hear Jesus commend us for our faithful service.

*LEAVE represents the 5th L.

Although it is hidden, it is the only reality for everyone. The question for each of us then, is, what will be the result of our lives as we move from this life into the next?

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